A longtime rEmilyWsmlesident of Louisville working as an IT Manager for a statewide corporation.  Emily is the Mother of TJ Walden, who overdosed in 2012 from the drug Opana.  She has traveled to Washington DC since 2013 to meet with Senators, Congressman and Government officials promoting a change to FDA policy which effectively promotes undue reliance on  powerful opioid narcotics for pain management and make these readily available with little regulation and oversight.   She has collaborated with DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, Director of the Whitehouse Office of Drug Control Michael Botticelli, Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation at Health and Human Services Dr. Richard Frank as well as the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to raise awareness of this devastating epidemic.  Emily is also part of the STOPP NOW group that started in Florida to shut down pill mills and served on the Steering and Advocacy Committees for Fed Up! in 2015.  Emily’s purpose is to prevent future overdose deaths by promoting awareness, pushing for federal and state changes, and advocate for those suffering from addiction.